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What to Get for the Flight Attendant in Your Life

Since we’re getting dangerously close to Christmas, I thought I’d present this handy little gift guide. If you’re all set for the holidays, no worries! These are great all year round if you wanted to say “thank you” or “I appreciate you” to the flight attendant in your life. It’s only right for all the times we take off work, sit on jumpseats, and make time on layovers (even though we’re sleepy beyond words), just to see you! Most of what you see below will be available on Amazon. Gotta love Prime, man.

A Massage

The Now in LA- Massages starting at $40

The Now in LA- Massages starting at $40

Ahhhh. Nothing like a long, relaxing massage. As flight attendants we’re constantly bending down, pushing and pulling 200 lb carts up and down the aisle multiple times a day, moving people’s heavy ass suitcases around, and lifting and lowering our own lugguge from the overhead bins, and if living in NYC, carrying 2-3 bags up and down multiple flights of stairs everyday. My back always hurts and my body’s always aching. A gift certificate to a nice spa would be a thoughtful way to show that you care about our wellbeing.

And don’t even think about a massage from fucking Massage Envy or whatever. No sir. If you’re going to choose this gift then put some actual thought into finding a place with a great ambiance and great reviews. I’ve listed some beautiful massage studios below found in major cities to give you an idea. 

NYC- Chillhouse

LAX- The Now

ATL- Bliss Spa

MSP- The Salt Cave

PopBabies Personal Blender

Found on Amazon from $36.99

Found on Amazon from $36.99

UMM HELLO!! How cool is this? A mini blender perfect for people on the go?! Yes please. It’s cordless! Battery powered! USB re-chargeable! I saw a fellow flight attendant that I was working with pull this out of her bag and start making a smoothie and I was like, What. Is. That? NEEEEED. 

This is an extremely useful gift for flight attendants, because aside from being able to make easier, quicker and healthier snacks...we can also use it to make cocktails! Fun fact about flight crew: we’re all alcoholics. Available in multiple colors and comes with a funnel and the cutest little ice tray. Get it from


Essential Oil Diffuser

SpaRoom Mysto™ Bronze Ultrasonic Esssential Oil Diffuser- $26.99 at

SpaRoom Mysto™ Bronze Ultrasonic Esssential Oil Diffuser- $26.99 at

Essential oil diffusers are dope because of their aromatherapy benefits. Certain smells interact with our brains to heal, relieve stress, improve our moods, induce sleep, etc. How beautiful. I can’t stress enough (ha!) how stressssfulllllll our jobs are :( It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. We work hard. Coming home to a calming, safe environment is super important! That’s why an essential oil diffuser would be a perfect gift. Plus they double up as home décor! Here are links to some really cool diffusers I found. And don’t forget the essential oils, sold separately !!!!!




Jasmine Aroma

Rose Design 

SpaRoom Mysto


HotLogic Electric Lunchbox

HotLogic mini sold alone at $39.95, packs starting at $49.95

HotLogic mini sold alone at $39.95, packs starting at $49.95

This is a mini personal oven that uses low heat to reheat food in an hour OR can cook a meal from scratch in a few hours. The food just has to be in a flat-bottomed container (so like, Tupperware or those frozen food meals from the supermarket). Also another useful gift, because most hotel rooms don’t come with microwaves, and a lot don’t even have one in the building that we can use! Some offer to bring a microwave to our room, but they charge us a fee of $25. It’s ridiculous, especially when we spent all that time meal-prepping to not even be able to eat the food we packed. 

The HotLogic folds flat when there’s nothing inside, so it’s easy to pack. Available in diff colors, sizes, and can buy alone or with a pack of containers. 

Buy HotLogic here.



MInimergency kits start at $18

MInimergency kits start at $18

Pinch Provisions make these cute ass pouches filled with essentials that one would need in a travel emergency. It includes stuff like floss, nail polish remover wipes, deodorant, safety pins, earring backs (which also can be used when our flight attendant wing backings get lost- double purpose alert!!!), needle and thread, stain remover, etc. Hella relevant since we’re constantly packing and repacking our bags and can easily forget the things we need. With this in our suitcase, we can always have peace of mind. 

I wouldn’t classify this as a gift gift, but would be a v cute stocking stuffer! You can find pouches for him and her and well as unisex ones. Once the contents are all used up, you can purchase refills from the site OR just re-use the pouch to make your own emergency kit, custom tailored to fit your individual needs. 

Get a Minimergency kit here.


Portable Charger

Bonai portable charger- found on Amazon for $17.99

Bonai portable charger- found on Amazon for $17.99

Whether we’re working on planes that don’t have power outlets or exploring a new city and instagramming away, WE NEED DA JUICE. And by that I mean our phones need to be charged and we may not always have the means to charge them. Portable chargers give us one less thing to worry about.

Some of these chargers can charge your phone up to 7 times before it needs to be recharged itself, great for long stints away from home. There’s a ton of sleek, affordable options out there. Check out some of these from Best Buy and Amazon and please make sure they’re lightweight!!


Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Founded by @marianna_hewitt and @laurengores- retails at Sephora for $48.00

Founded by @marianna_hewitt and @laurengores- retails at Sephora for $48.00

We fly….a lot. Even when we’re not working we still manage to somehow be on a plane. All that recycled air is no good for anyone, but our skin suffers the most because we’re never getting enough moisture. This is a super hydrating, vitamin-rish mask that we can use before, during, or after a flight, and not have to worry about the air sucking the life out of our faces. And what I love most about this mask is that you don’t have to wash it off! You can apply a thing layer onto the face and use it as a moisturizer. SO amazing, because we can still nourish our faces while in-flight without having to put a sheet mask on and look like Jason from Friday the 13th.

This makes a great gift because it’s expensive and relevant and we want it so just get it for us. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 


Alright folks, happy shopping! Hope this helps someone out there!!! <3

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