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Bali Accommodations: Where I stayed and What I Thought About Each Spot

Bali Accommodations: Where I stayed and What I Thought About Each Spot

I’ve gotten loads of questions regarding the villas & hotels I stayed in during my vacation in Bali. If you watched my IG stories then you’d know we changed hotels damn near every day, lol. Just a FYI, our trip was not planned like that!!! There were some unforeseen circumstances that I won’t delve into, which made us move around a lot. But I digress. Below are all the places we stayed in Seminyak and Ubud and what I thought about them.


P.S. The only place I found myself was Le Chloe Villas, so I don’t take credit for any of the other places! :)



The W Hotel is in Seminyak, walking distance to a plethora of shops, restaurants, beach clubs and the beach itself. I thought it was a gorgeous, well curated hotel in the perfect location. It was super clean, very cutely decorated, the staff was very attentive, the amenities were A1, and all of the toiletries provided were Bliss products (I may or may not have packed some in my bag) !!

The massive hotel pool overlooks the ocean and is absolutely incredible, you can spend the entire day lounging out there.

The W hotel was by far my faaaavee place to stay, but alas, also the ze most expensive. *Cries in poor*. I usually am not one to spend a lot on accommodations, and as I would rather use those coins towards excursions and activities, etc. But the other girls I was with were dying to stay here, and as you all know, when you travel in a group you have to compromise. So although I was 100% ready to stay by myself in a diff, more affordable place, I’m glad I didn’t separate and experienced staying at the W. 

Even if you don’t end up staying here, I have good news! The pool, pool bar, and all of the restaurants, are open to the public !!!

 Tip: Def come in the late afternoon so you can catch the sunset here!




This Airbnb was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, as there were no walls at this house. It was more like a giant treehouse, really. It overlooked the lush jungle, a river and a waterfall, which were absolutely stunning! There was also a private swing outside, only for our use and those staying in the adjacent villas. While scary at first, the swing quickly became my favorite feature of the entire villa. A little dangerous, but super peaceful if you don’t focus on the janky harness. 

The shower was outside, the kitchen was outside, errthing outside…you’re really one with the elements if you stay here. There are 3 “bedrooms” and only one of them comes with walls and AC. There’s an entire menu to order from, and you can place the order through WhatsApp and the neighbors will cook and bring you the food! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The caretakers live right across the street and are super helpful. You can rent scooters for $5/day or can pay one of them to drive you to and fro (depending on their availability). Otherwise it’s pretty hard to get around, as this place is pretty secluded and tucked away in a village. 

It’s truly a gorgeous villa, but it was only comfortable staying here during the day. At night it turns into my own personal nightmare. Massive toads in the bathroom, creepy-crawlies everywhere, roaches, lizards, and stray dogs roaming around. No ma’am. Check out my Bali stories on IG for a visual. 




This place is perfect if you’re traveling in a group! It’s nicely tucked away in the back of a gated community on a quiet street, yet walking distance to a lot of restaurants and a quick drive to everything in Seminyak.  It’s a very modern, well taken care of place. The living room and kitchen are half exposed but still comfortable. There are three king-sized bedrooms, each decorated differently, with AC and their own private bathroom & shower. I loved that you still had the the best of both worlds here: nature and comfort.

There’s also 24 hour security right outside, and they’re super helpful if you wanted to place an order for food or be driven somewhere. 




This house is truly GORGEOUS! It’s a 3-story glass house with a solar panel roof, surrounded by lush rice fields, with beautifully decorated, colorful rooms, a pool overlooking the jungle, and a garden with rabbits. The house comes equipped with a manual detailing all the cool activities you can do as part of your stay.  For instance, you can have a yoga instructor come to the house in the morning to do a private session with the house or a private chef come over and teach everyone how to make Balinese food. They have listed all the top spas in the area, all the top restaurants you can place an order with, and even the number to a personal masseuse that will come to the house and do treatments (the house has a little massage room!!). 

My only gripe(s) would bet that it’s SO DARK at night and kinda scary. And by dusk the house is filled with tons of lizards and strange colored geckos. Multiple geckos. Yeah, they’re harmless, but they’re fucking frightening if you’ve never seen or been around a gecko before. The house is also really hard to access and it’s not easy to get to and fro from here. It’s super tucked away and cannot be reached by car. You have to walk quite a ways to reach the main road. 

It’s a great place to stay if you want some solitude. There is a groundskeeper on the property to keep watch like security, and a super helpful caretaker who can drive you anywhere.




This is a nice, no frills hotel in the heart of Ubud. The room itself is really spacious, but it ain’t that cute compared to all the other places we stayed at. But you’re not here to stay inside all day right? Right. I liked this place because it really is in the middle of it all. We walked everywhere. whereas before we had to arrange a driver/get a taxi, wait, drive to the center, drive back, etc. There ain’t nothing like convenience! 

We were only here overnight, so I don’t have that much to say about this place except that it was in a really good location. If you want to explore Ubud without the hassle of constantly arranging transportation and avoid sleeping with one eye open in fear of all the creatures associated with the villas, then staying here or somewhere similar in the Monkey Forest area would be ideal. 


Alright folks, there you go. I wrote this post because I got sooo many DMs requesting info on where we stayed. But I just want you guys to know that you DO NOT have to spend a lot of money in order to stay in a super nice place in Bali!! A quick search on Airbnb will show you that there are so many places with nice ass pools and views for like $26 a night! If I had to plan the trip myself, I would probably choose places central and easily accessible. Either way, whether you opt to stay in hotels or Airbnbs, tucked away in the jungle or out on the main street, the options are truly endless.

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